Phillip Chen
My Father and DillingerSargasso Sea/Superfluous ThingsShooting the Devil (After Abul Hassan)Five HandsMen of ActionAcoustic ShadowLucky 8Means and ExtremesManners and CustomsPalm SundayAs it isFiji MermaidPrairie BreakerNearer to the BrutesSouvenirs of the VoyageBrute Creation:Agassiz Complex/Brute Creation:The Boat of the WorldFearful SymmetryExtractionEvergreenPowhatan; Gunboat DiplomacyLeewayThe Bad DoctorsParisMounting the MachineCommon FactorsFlower WaterTake WakingAl Hamdulillah ("One's Fate is out of One's Hands")
Relief Etchings